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"I am Bal'kar... WE are Bal'kar!"
~Vene, upon finally linking to the Hive.
Vene showing his ferocious Bal'kar nature in his humanoid disguise (Drawn by Muzz)

Venerabela Ashru is a western dragon and cat hybrid in his non-Bal'kar form. Loving artwork and music, he is easy going, creative, and sweet. He was the second Bal'kar to be introduced into the second generation. Preceded by Neox, and followed by Gola.

Age (in human years) - 23

Species - Bal'kar. (Dragon/cat hybrid in humanoid form)

Gender - Herm in humanoid form. Male (by human standards) in Bal'kar form.

His change into a Bal'kar

Vene fully changed into a Bal'kar at the hands of his enemy. Also depicts the minor differences between his Bal'kar form and the traditional Bal'kar.

Vene's change into a Bal'kar was a forced one not by another Bal'kar. The enemy of the Bal'kar, Volk Surkov and his scientists captured Vene while he was flying home. The resulting capture led to a very angry dragon with a broken wing.

Doctor Surkov tried to tell Vene that he needed to infect Vene with Bal'kar bio extract to learn how to combat them. Vene was not at all optimistic about it, but it happened anyways. Less than four hours later, Vene was fully Bal'kar and the hive began to speak to him. But before he could try and escape, he was restrained by electrical flooding.

Gola heard Vene's panic and fear from being destroyed, making his way south from Canada to Texas to free the new voice. Gola managed to take out the defenses of the laboratory and free Vene. To which Vene had his first mating session with a Bal'kar, resulting in his final change to solidify his new body. Growing the hypnotic Controller tentacles and growing to his proper size. He set off to assimilate along side his Bal'kar brothers.


Vene as drawn by Sciggles on Furaffinity
Vene appears as a furry dragon with multiple shades of blue on his coat, glowing green tongue and mouth, and recently, glowing green eyes to symbolize his change into a Bal'kar. He has four horns, two on either side of his head connected by a membranous filling.

In his Bal'kar form, he is large and powerful, taking on the appearance of a normal Bal'kar with some slight differences. He has a more draconic shaped muzzle. His horns become the disintegrator tentacles, giving him only 4 disintegrators (not including the whiskers) connected by membranes like his horns in his dragon form.