The Will of the Bal’kar

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The will of the bal'kar is the fundamental driving force behind each and every bal'kar.

The Will of the Bal'kar

The will of the bal’kar is the communication and physical connection between each and every bal’kar that manifests itself through their sheer lust for one another. Their will is their willingness and desire to breed constantly until their ultimatum is achieved; which culminates in their ultimate "perfection". By incorporating every living creature into the hive, they seek to experience the "ultimate one orgasm," said to last forever and at the highest point of sexual sensitivity a body can withstand. With so many minds packed into one, their orgasm literally would have no pause and no end.

Every living creature that transforms into a bal'kar, increases the pleasure of the hive as a whole. This extends out proportionately with every new mind that is part of the hive. This means if there were a million bal’kar within the hive, every time they breed or had sex with one another, it is a million times better than the first. This has convinced the bal’kar that every living creature must experience this ultimatum and become part of the hive and thus the true path evolution seeks to take all life down is the bal’kar path. When a world has fully succumb to the domination of the bal’kar over the previous race that inhabited the planet, it is called a globule. To the bal'kar this is only the beginning, for they are still but a tiny drop within the sea of universe as a whole… yet by this point their lust has increased by more than 8 billion times its original sensation (in the case of Earth). This globule will then grow to become a vessel once it has achieved a hundred times its original domination size. Using Earth, once again as an example, the bal'kar population will reach 800 billion before the bal’kar convert Earth into a vessel. By this time, the bal'kar and their structures, would have completely reconfigured the entire planet over this time into a giant "ship" to take the bal'kar elsewhere.

Over countless millennia, once the bal’kar spread out over the entire universe, the bal'kar can finally achieve the perfection they have been seeking. This signifies that "the cleansing of the universe" has been completed and the bal’kar become the new universe. They finally become whole as the universe has now become a single bal'kar, with almost limitless individuals experiencing the endless lust as they continue to grow and merge. This new universe now consists of but one giant bio-orgy of bal'kar. With their ultimatum achieved, the bal’kar continue to grow infinitely, with their sex becoming wilder on a scale of lust that even they have never seen. Their lust continues to grow and grow and grow... never stopping for the remainder of time.

The Hive Mind

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