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The slurper is the tongue of the bal’kar and is by far the most active tenticular appendage it owns. These long green, cock-like tentacles are essential in bal’kar feeding, mating, and egg laying. They are highly sensitive are capable of mixing touch, taste and smell into a unique strand of lust which the bal’kar can use to identify items or pleasure themselves.


The slurper is pushing out of the mouth at full size, showing its glorious size in comparison to the Body

The slurper, or tongue of a bal’kar, can be technically classified as a "cock-tongue". This extremely thick and cylindrical appendage is exceptionally long and can reach lengths of up to 10 metres (32 feet) when fully extended. The head of the slurper is tapered and has, at its core, a urethra that runs its length. The entire slurper is bright green in colour, from the head to the base of the shaft. Acting like a type of proboscisProboscis (pro·bos·cis) An elongated tubular appendage, typically used for feeding or sucking., the slurper can extend and retract out of the tongue socket in the bal’kar’s mouth. This socket acts like a protective sheath for the slurper and runs down the inside the neck. Bal’kar often enjoy pushing their slurper out to its maximum length, only to slurp it back up like a piece of spaghetti. This makes the bal’kar feel more at one with himself and more bestial.


The slurper has many uses in a bal’kar’s daily life, functioning as the main tool that bal'kar use to pick up objects, lay eggs and even feed from it.

Egg laying

The bal'kar can use its slurper to both suck up and deposit eggs. Sliding the slurper deep into abdomen of itself or another bal’kar, the slurper can safely ovulate eggs directly into womb of the abdomen. This ability isn’t only limited to the abdomen however, the slurper can ejaculate eggs into any orifice it finds including orifices of non-bal'kar.


The bal'kar can also use his slurper to clean and nourish either himself or any of his fellow bal’kar. Using it in a similar fashion to how an elephant uses its trunk, the slurper can reach almost every spot on the bal’kar’s colossal body, allowing him to cover those areas in his bio extract. Thus allowing him maintain nourishment, and gain pleasure from being moist and well lubricated.


Main article: Feeding and Voring
The ill mannered bal'kar slurping its tongue out, tasting the air for potential victims for him to turn.

The slurper can also be used as incredibly dangerous weapon. Lashing out at incredible speeds, it can catch and coil around potential prey, placing the victim into the bal’kar’s massive maw. Generally, the bal’kar swallow most of their victims whole through an act known as simply as "voring". This food is then stored in a type of crop just under the chest, in between the base of the spreader tentacles and the front of the body.

When a bal’kar becomes hungry, he regurgitates the victim and fondles them in his mouth using his slurper, he searches with the tip to find a sweet and tender spot. Once a suitable place is found, he then latches on like a leech and begins to suck on victim with incredible force. The sheer pressure of vacuum created is largely due to strong muscles in the slurper itself. The victims flesh is pierced and the internal organs are then sucked up into the slurper much like sucking the contents of a bottle through a straw. The internal contents of the victim begin to unravel as they are eaten from the inside out. From the outside it would appear that the victim is imploding in on itself as it is slowly sucked up the slurper. Eventually, even the skin and bones are sucked up, with the bones being crushed to powder by the force of the vacuum.

In the stomach, the victim now resembles a liquefied soup of flesh and organs as it begins its assimilation into the core of the bal’kar’s body. Just like prey consumed a feeder tentacles, the victim’s soul is stripped away and fused with an egg deep within the bal’kar’’s abdomen. Here it will incubate and eventually hatch into a baby bal'kar known as a "squishlings". It is important to note that the feeder and the slurper share the same stomach within the bal’kar, with the only difference being that one method is more gruesome then the other.

Recreational Use

The name, "The slurper", was coined by humans from the bal'kar’s lack of manners and the disgusting slurping noises its tongue constantly makes. These slurping noises can often be heard as a component of other bal’kar vocalizations such as the various chittering and roaring bal’kar often do, creating very unique but often gross sound. Many scientists hypothesize that this slurping sound is some sort of bal'kar’s vocal language however, it is still strongly debatable as the bal'kar share a mental biological link. Through this link they can communicate with each other mentally and would thusly not need a way to communicate through sound.

As the slurper is prehensile, this gives them the ability to pleasure themselves or each other in many different ways. The bal’kar has full control over their slurper and thus the possibilities on what an individual bal’kar can do with it is nearly limitless. Most commonly, bal’kar use their slurper to contribute to their sexual activity, allowing for hundreds of thousands of different combinations.

The slurper is also a highly sensitive appendage, capable of picking up touch, taste, and scent and then mix these sensations into a strain of lust that the bal’kar can derive pleasure from. This strain of lust is so precise it allows for a more thorough way to identify, seek and play with things their slurper comes in contact with. It is not uncommon for a bal’kar to simply enjoy the sensation of their slurpers slithering out of their maws as it tastes or smells the air, or as they plunge it down the throat of another bal’kar to unify the two of them in their lust.

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