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Remora'Kar is a Subspecies of the Bal'Kar But is Not Actually a creature with an intact mind for itself, Instead they act like as a Drone that is Remotely Controlled by the Bal'Kars Psionic abilities.


These small 2 headed creatures are about 5 foot standing, they stand on 6 webbed thruster tentacles. The Upper Body is Rather humanoid, The torso is where 2 Controller Tentacles grow out of their smooth backs. Further up on their rather humanoid chest, they have 8 Grabber Tentacles much like the ones on the Bal'Kar, These Grabbers jut out the front that make it seem like the Remor'Kar is more of a quadruped. This is Where things get interesting, the shoulders are actually the base of 2 separate necks, what should be arms on a humanoid body, are actually 2 sentient necks with an eyeless Bal'Kar head on the end where hands would usually be. The Difference Between the Remora'Kar's head and the Bal'Kars head is that the Remora'Kar has no teeth, their mouth looks more like the Urethral opening of a Cock head, however, they do have a jaw and it simply looks like the mouth is closed to a small opening at the front, and the rest of the jaw is closed by thick jaw webbing, They also have the typical Slurper Tongue that slips out perfectly from the opening on the tip of the head, The heads also have your standard Desintigrators on the back of the head, Minus the Whiskers. Because the 2 Shoulders of this Creature is actually the Base of 2 individual necks, it makes the base of them Very thick, Meaning there is no room for an actual head.

Becoming Remora'Kar

Initiation begins when a Bal'Kar brgins to behave very strangely The body movements, Particularly around the Neck becomes convulsive, and looks as if the Bal'Kar is in slight Discomfort as it Tries to separate a sac of flesh and conjure up a new genome inside it to be implanted into someone. This Yellowish lump of flesh almost resembles a tumor that the Bal'Kar begins to regurgitate out of its wide maw expelling most of its Energy in order to make it. Inside the Sac Churns liquid Rubber that has been extracted from The Bal'Kar's very own rubber Skin and is alive very much like a Symbiote. When this Sac is placed upon a Victim, They Can transform using 2 methods: Drinking The contents of liquid Bio-mass or having it break over the victim where it is Quickly absorbed through the Skin. The First thing This black liquid will do is soothe your mind and body , Coating everything until the Mind draws a blank and Perishes. This Triggers the dead mind to adhere to the rubber creature it is becoming.....then splits the mind into 2 new hollow Minds. One for each of its 2 heads.

The Mind however only Perishes During the Transformation. Not before or after the change. The First Signs is liquid rubber beginning to leak from the Fingernails. The Nails begin to lengthen out of their sheaths into sharp teeth as the Fingers and hands begin to meld into mouths. Rubber begins to slip out of the victims own mouth and attack the head while encasing the rest of the body in a tight seal of Rubbery Bal'Kar Skin. Joints in the Arms begin to dismantle starting at the Wrist and working its way towards the Shoulders, the bones in the Arms crick and Transform slowly into Neck Vertebra. Pressure is then felt in the hands as the teeth begin to push out more and more Shaping the Hands into actual mouths that begin to snap and bite at the air as they grow into existence. These movements the mouths make is not controlled by the host and is the First step they take in absorbing the Hosts mind into their own birth. Green slurper tongues begin to grow from the center of what used to be the hands. Complete with its own socket for the tongue. Facial Features begin to form but eyes do not form on these arm heads. With the rubber now completely encasing the body...all the Host can hear is the squeaking of rubber...invading the mind....the rubber coats the Hosts brain along with anything else inside the head...going through the eyes ears and nose. The hosts head is no longer Needed and so suddenly their thoughts begin to slow down and the rubber begins working on stripping layer after layer of rubber off the head. Each Layer starts stripping inside the mouth, pulling over the Face and then the head and back into the collarbone and shoulders as they began to gain the mass that is lost from the head. Desintigrator tentacles begin to appear on the back of the Remora'Kars heads....their patterns are different as if they were 2 new individuals, Individuals that were literally growing from the Hosts Old body. Soon Bal'Kar Transformations begin to Change the rest of the body, the legs begin to split into thrusters. Soon nothing but the dismantled muzzle of the Host is sticking out of the collarbone.....suddenly something stirred int your body.....a catalyst for something that was about to happen. As the Last of the Head Recedes, the Hosts mind Perishes from absorption, and the 2 new heads Spring to life! Lust begins to flood the body, causing more growths. The Remora'Kars breeder elongates, causing the heads to start licking and feeding off it. the shoulders begin to join and close the gap where the old head this point, the Host is all but gone...but reborn into 2 new heads.ControllerIcon.png  This page is currently a work in progress. Content on this page is subject to change and may exist only as rough notes.