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The pustules on a bal’kar are actually bio-pus filled nodules on the bal’kar’s skin that are a direct result of a build up of bio-extract in the skin. These pustules are extremely potent and are extremely sensitive, resulting in tremendous pleasure for the bal’kar when rubbed.


A bal'kar's cheek pustules.

Pustules are groups sensitive bright green nubs that form primarily on the jaw and on the breeder cock of the bal'kar. They are not however, limited to just these spots as they can sometimes appear elsewhere on the body. Throughout a bal’kar’s body, extremely nutrient-rich bio-extract continuously seeps out of every pore on their rubbery skin; in some places collecting and swelling up within pockets to form a pustule. Eventually these pustules have filtered enough rich cells and begin to glow bright green. The abundance of this extremely rich bio-extract promotes the growth of new nerve endings within these pustules, thus making them extremely sensitive.


These sensitive nubs contain a collection of highly potent bal’kar cells, often a few days’ worth, that have been filtered out of the bio-extract that flows into them. This build-up results in the creation of bio-pus, which is 42-50 times more potent then bio-extract. During lab trial 0362 performed by Doctor Volk Surkov, in which he compared the potency of bal’kar bio-extract and bal’kar bio-pus. A single drop of bal’kar bio-extract was placed on the skin of subject’s arm with no immediate effect. The subject was monitored several days with the first signs of skin discoloration appearing almost an entire day later. A single drop of bal’kar bio-pus was placed on the skin of separate subject’s arm resulted in instantaneous discoloration of the skin. The transformation spread rapidly up the subject’s arm as it elongated into a bal’kar basher tentacle within a few minutes. The conclusion the experiment was that being exposed to only a single drop of bio-extract would likely be the slowest method in which a victim could be transformed into a bal’kar. It was then hypothesized that, should a victim be dropped into a pool of bio-pus, their transformation would occur so quickly and so traumatically that the victims body would likely explode with the transformation, resulting in a transformation lasting not even likely a single second. Requests to perform this research were promptly denied and this method has not been witnessed or recorded to this date.

Recreational Use

Due to the sensitivity of the pustules and nubs on a bal’kar, it is common place to see two bal’kar rubbing their pustules together or rubbing them with their various tentacles. An individual can even rub his own cheeks and jaw together, stimulating the pustules and causing intense pleasure. Friction can cause pustules to pop, oozing out the bio-pus and sending the bal’kar into an orgasm. The bio-pus then can in turn be used as an accelerant in the merging of two bal’kar during a mating session.