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Isolation is one of the Bal'Kars biggest weaknesses. The thought of being alone is enough to raise all the Bal'Kars defenses in total fear for its well being. If ever faced with such fear, the Bal'Kar has a good chance of going into a blind frenzy. If a single bal'kar was trapped, caught and isolated, the voices from reality begin to creep into its mind, scaring the shit out of them. The loss of that link rings through the Psionic Web, and all Bal'kar within close enough proximity to the disconnection work together restore its power. Science facilities that study Bal'Kar need to be extra cautious when confining such a creature. As the majority of the time, they go up in smoke while the Bal'kar fight for the return of their companion.

It is an extremely difficult task to isolate a Bal'Kar as they know of their weakness, their basic simple counter is that they always have their biological and mental connections linked to the hive center via their controllers.

The worst type of isolation is when both the mother and father controller eyes are severed from the beast. The Bal'Kars thoughts become erratic and it becomes incredibility difficult for it to focus on the collective goal the hive has set out to achieve.

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