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The Bal'Kar Motto

You close your eyes and you just believe
  Wish for the moment and you will receive

Trust in yourself and follow your heart
  Miracles happen if you make a start

Make with your mind the world that you breed
  Life only grows when you plant a seed

Open your eyes and see what you've done
  The lust in the Magic as you become ONE!

The Bal'Kar

The Bal'Kar in its newly formed hatchery with its young. it is seen channeling energy to provoke its young into an active state of "seek and absorb"

The meaning of the word bal’kar can be broken down into two parts. First the syllable "Bal" meaning ‘the bringer of vice and corruption’ and secondly the syllable "Kar" meaning ‘son of’.

The bal’kar are a race of hive-minded monsters driven by lust and an insatiable appetite to breed and spread across the universe. This drive comes from their biologically perfect body and their "one mind" Which boosts their confidence to be able to achieve such things. It is important to realize that the Bal'Kar seek the unification of all life, without removing the organisms own will & independence. Yet in the background, still combines that individuals independence into a single understood motive. This makes it possible for each Bal'Kar to do as it pleases for the greater good of the hive, preventing any fallout, betrayals or disagreements from ever happening. The hives single purpose is ever changing, depending on what each individual Bal'Kar learns and wants within its own power, taking in all beneficial information and discarding irrelevant knowledge.


With what could be mistaken as a mass of tentacles at first, each part of the bal’kar’s body gives its form distinct definition. Each limb has a unique purpose, be it for feeding, mating, or spreading its taint onto others. This is their unconditional love. When a Bal'kar is created, most of the changes are physical, leaving the soul and mind it came with in tact. However, the drastic changes to the body causes new thought processes to enter the mind. The Bal'Kars body requires new tasks to be undertaken and so the mind quickly adapts these changes accordingly so the mind may begin benefiting off its own self and others around it again.


Bal’kar have the ability to spread their body across kilometres of landmass to create nests and other hive-like structures. In its natural and mobile form, a bal’kar appears as a 10-metre (32 foot) tall quadruped, once fully matured. It can choose however, to be amorphous and chaotic with the way its body behaves. The skin of the bal’kar is a completely black membrane and with green highlights on the ends of some of the body parts, such as the tentacles. The texture of the skin, at first touch, feels very rubber-like, yet it is soft and squishy at the same time. Under the skin crawls millions of worms known as "Seethers" that act as one entity, Creating the overall structure of the monster. Upon the bal’kar’s neck, chest and abdomen, it has a series of soft chitinous plating, though this same plating can be found at times on some of the tentacles. Its eyes glow green, as does the ends of its head tentacles when charged. This same glow can also be found in between the chitin plating, as well as on the bloated pustules on the jaw and penis. Every bal’kar has its own unique appearance, varying slightly from one another due to the soul that dwells within. This keeps them, in a way, unique to each other, but makes them easily identifiable to non-bal’kar. The bal’kar mind is in a perpetual and constant state of lust! Because all bal’kar are all linked, they are constantly incorporating beneficial traits from their various victims that they have absorbed or transformed to further increases their lust. Such traits can become manifest in a short amount of time, that can take the form of either a physical or a mental orgasm that last from seconds, to hours, or even a few days. Through this, the bal’kar are able to produce numerous strains of lust. This includes: their own type of communication, sharing their bodies with each other while retaining their own physiological markers, and sharing their eggs and young between each other.

While in their natural form, bal’kar often bare a phallic-draconic-insect-octopus-like appearance. This does not, however stop them from reverting to the form they once held. When they do take on their previous form however, their eyes always remain bal’kar and continue to glow a prismatic green at all times. Reverting allows them blend into human and animal societies (while these still exist). However, this "state" cannot be sustained for long periods of time without the need to replenish themselves with their fertile essence. At-least once a day, the bal’kar needs to feed upon themselves to keep them healthy and maintain this state. Among the bal’kar this is referred to as their “Imperfect State of Masturbation”. This can often be done by partially transforming one or more individual limbs and indulging in their “tentacles feast”. This “feast” often acts upon a fetish, such as "paw play", "bondage", or mind-control. Their vast array of tentacles can easily assist in those fetishes and can sometimes even include other people, even non-bal’kar. Even this has its limits though, after around a month their DNA goes stagnant and they must revert to their bal’kar form to receive fresh nourishment from the hive.


Scientists call it absolute biological perfection. Every cell has a memory that is imprinted upon the next cell Making up an internal worm like network . This means that no matter how much of the bal’kar is destroyed, it can completely regenerate, so long as at least one "Seether" remains. In the average human life, the human body replaces itself roughly six times, often slowing down in their twilight years. The bal’kar’s body however, replaces itself 40 - 52 times per day (that is 1.7 - 2.1 times per hour!), dependant on the bal’kar’s energy level. Unlike with humans, this does not slow down with age as a bal’kar’s DNA change every time they mate, thus keeping it in a constant state of revitalization. Their old cells and DNA are secreted through their shiny rubbery black skin as a green-blood like substance otherwise known as “bio extract”. This bio extract coats the bal’kar in a protective layer of viscous green clear transformative slimy extract. A typical bal’kar’s body can produce many, many litres of this secretion every hour. Bio extract is also the key ingredient to induce a transformation in other living creatures. The cells that remain within the goo re-write the DNA coding of cells within other organisms, imprinting the individual biological memory into bal’kar cells. Those bal’kar cells then act like a virus and begin overtaking the cells on the remainder of the victim’s body until it “remembers” what it was. This can cause even the simplest of organisms with a soul to become bal’kar. The bal’kar cells then process and express the soul is in its own unique way, making the transformed creature wholly unique and individual.

Exposure to the transformation process can take a few varied ways to fully convert a creature. If only the tiny bal’kar spores are inhaled, the transformation can take days, if not months to complete. If the bal’kar or its Bio Extract makes contact with the skin, the transformation process is accelerated, taking only a few hours. Should the bal’kar manages to get their tentacles inside its victim or should the bal’kar’s bio extract be ingested or somehow placed within a host, the transformation process dramatically speeds up. Full transformation can take only a few minutes in this case as the extract is most potent when it is oozing out of the bal’kar’s rubbery skin or pouring out of valve like structures within the hive.

Because their DNA is constantly changing every time bal’kar have sex, their DNA is in a universal state of change. The more bal’kar there are to have sex, the more their DNA changes...and thus the more impossible the bal’kar’s DNA becomes to map. This has rendered its genetic code impossible to study and thus has scientists baffled. Foolishly this does not stop some scientists from trying however. The only thing thus far that human scientists have been able to discover is how to isolate and disable an individual bal’kar’s ever changing DNA. They can do this by completely isolating a single bal’kar itself from every other, which so far, has proven to be a nigh impossible task, as all bal’kar share both physical and mental link to one another at all times.

The bal’kar has the ability to grow out their proboscisProboscis (pro·bos·cis) An elongated tubular appendage, typically used for feeding or sucking. on their "spreaders". The larger in size and mass these are, the more energy they accumulate through feeding, either from the nest or from its various victims, and from having sex with other bal’kar. This allows them to grow their own biological structures that help sustain nests, and provide cover and defense from foes. These structures can grow to be so large that, over time it can completely reshape an entire planet into more useful things; such as a vessel to carry them through space. A bal’kar’s ability to grow and spread new tentacle structures and hive colonies is infinite, so long as these structures are being looked after with a constant supply of sustenance and pleasure from other bal’kar and hive structures. All of this causes bal’kar to grow at an unstoppable rate.

Bal’kar can choose to fuse other creatures to their body, allowing them to transform these creatures into other new body parts for the bal’kar’s use. The victim’s soul merges with the bal’kar and become one with the appendage, their thoughts and life experiences become part of the beast as they fade away into a new purpose. They now act as a tentacle for the bal’kar, most often as feeder tentacles as bal’kar see these as trophies among each other. This fusing ability is not limited to just creation of feeder tentacles, two or more bal’kar can also fuse to each other during "mating" as they share the same genetics.


It is difficult to explain how the bal'kar's mind works in a way that other races might understand. Everything they do, and everything they think about is thought about and influenced in terms of sexual desire. At the core of every decisions, every turn, and every action is complete and essential lust that permeates every cell in the bal’kar’s body. Through their shared lust and biological link, every bal’kar is connected to one another; but at the same time, every individual bal’kar can still think, discover, suggest, explore, invent, etc. of its own free will. This free will however, is always driven in terms of sex and lust, with each of their lust-filled activities being projected back onto their huge biological network. Other bal’kar are made instantly aware of events, and learnings that other bal’kar’s efforts have garnered. This always takes the place of concepts verses specific and personal details, as the concept of what they did becomes clear through changes in their shared genetic code. Once these efforts are perceived through their universal lust, it becomes distinct and is then accepted by the other bal’kar throughout the hive. This is accomplished by making use of universal chemical and cellular reactions that take place within a bal’kar’s bodies. All bal’kar throughout the link make these changes simultaneously and thus, one individual decision can and will affect all bal’kar instantly. This allows the bal’kar to be one of the quickest learners in the known universe, as they all learn simultaneously from one another using their various strains of lust, accepting new changes without a single contradiction. This is achieved by merging both the psychological and biological reactions within the Bal'Kars body together, these changes cause no conflict within the entire hive as a result of this.

To prevent another possible form of conflict, things that have been learned incorrectly, by an individual bal’kar, can be quickly remedied by taping into their archived knowledge on that particular subject. New information is merely updated when additional knowledge has been learned and is instantly shared out to all other bal’kar. Any and all decisions a bal’kar makes, does not affect their goals. Instead, with every new birth or infestation the collective goals and objectives of all bal’kar changes and is passed along using the "will of the bal'kar" In the end however, every goal and objective of the bal’kar drive from their one ultimatum, the root of their natural way of living, that every bal’kar must always “FEED, SPREAD, STIMULATE, MULTIPLY, and LEARN”


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The Bal'Kar comes with a plethora of abilities which are generally just considered as normal bodily functions to them. Most of their abilities lie within their unique assortment of Tentacles.


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Bal'kar anatomy consists of a series of organs, tentacles and other body parts. Each tentacle within the bal'kar's body serves a direct purpose.


Creation of the Bal'Kar

Disappearance of the first generation

Known Bal'kar in today's world