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Bal'Kar create more energy than they need. The Bal'Kars Solution to this problem was the disintegrator tentacles, located on the head of a bal’kar. They consist of two types, whisker disintegrator tentacles, and horn disintegrator tentacles which discharges all the extra energy. The bal’kar often uses these tentacles in various forms of social behavior, breeding, courtship, and the bal’kar’s ultimate weapon.


A bal'kar using its disintegrator beam

Located upon the head, the disintegrator tentacles normally consist of two whiskers-like tentacles upon the muzzle, and six horn-like tentacles at the back of the bulk of the bal'kar’s head, however depending on the beasts apperance, some might only have 2 or even 20. These black tentacles typically have a jagged and plated appearance at the base, closer to the head, and smooth out near the more whip-like tips. webbing or even fur or spikes can also sometimes be present . Each of the bal’kar’s disintegrator tentacles are capable of acting like prehensile appendages and are capable of grasping, grabbing, or manipulating objects. Living creatures grasped by one of these tentacles will most likely perish due to the constant discharge of energy from the tips, causing cardiac arrest or electrocution. This constant discharge has the added effect of causing the tips of these tentacles to glow a prismatic green and passively crackle with small discharges of electricity. Furthermore, this glow vigorously brightens as whips of lightning-like energy dance and hum about the surface of the disintegrator tentacles when they are fully charged. This makes the bal'kar easy to spot at a distance and can become, in a way, a weakness because on average it takes about 5 seconds to charge, allowing other living creatures plenty of time to notice an incoming bal’kar Lazer, giving them ample time to evacuate a given location.

Main Ability

Serving as conductors for the bal'kar’s primary weapon, the disintegrator tentacles are capable of great acts of destruction. In the first phase of using their disintegrator beam, the tentacles align themselves forward in an arc formation, fanning out evenly. Energy first collects within the mouth of the bal’kar, beginning to form into a churning energy ball. This ball radiates with the bal'kar’s psyche and gets more powerful the longer the bal’kar is able to stand and collect the latent energy from within its own body. However, the time required to gather this energy grows exponentially the more energy the bal’kar focuses. This is because the more energy the bal’kar focuses the less there within him, meaning he has to work harder to direct what remains. The best way to think of this is think of energy as water and the bal’kar’s body as a tube. When the tub is full, removing a cup of it is easy as each time you dip the cup in you get a large amount of water. However, as the water lever lowers, each time you try to remove water you get less, and less of each with each scoop and thus is requires more effort to get the same amount of water. While the bal’kar channels his own energy, his disintegrator tentacles are working hard to collect energy from the environment. This energy is separate from the energy stored within the bal’kar’s body and is stored within tentacles for use later during phase 2.

Once enough energy has been collected to achieve energy cohesion and to form the desired blast size, the disintegration beam is fired by the bal’kar opening its mouth to release the energy ball. The disintegrator tentacles synchronize their own energy with the energy of the ball and accelerate the particles to form a beam that rushes out of the bal’kar’s maw. These accelerated particles travel outwards until they hit a focal point directly forward of the bal’kar’s disintegrator tentacles, beginning the second phase of the attack. At this point, the energy from the beam merges with the energy of the disintegrator tentacles, causing a particle reaction to occur. This reaction results in a rapid and instantaneous acceleration of the beam as it shoots outward from the bal’kar at an alarming speed, easily several times faster than its initial acceleration out of the bal’kar’s mouth.

This beam obliterates anything in its wake causing untold destruction. When the beam hits an object, the particles in the beam collide with the stationary particles of the object. The particles of the beam have enough force and momentum that sheer force of this collision is enough sever the molecular bonds of the stationary object, atomizing it.

The bal’kar’s disintegration beam displaces a very large amount of energy, but thanks to the two-phase approach with the bal’kar using the separate energy gathered by their disintegration tentacles to accelerate the energy particles, this beam can be achieved with far less energy than conventional methods used in various forms of technology and machines. Even still, after using its disintegration beam, the bal’kar becomes vulnerable and paralyzed for around thirty seconds. Even if the bal’kar scales down the beam, a majority of the energy is consumed to achieve the critical point needed achieve energy cohesion and trigger the particle reaction. Therefor the difference between a large beam and a small beam exists within a small percentage of the energy requirement. Due to the sheer amount of energy required, a bal’kar is unable to fire another beam until they have had sufficient time to regain their energy, through either sex or feeding.

A bal’kar typically fires this weapon only in self-defense or as a last resort if they feel threatened, preferring to use its basher tentacles as a first line of defense. Overuse of their disintegration beam puts the bal’kar’s body under an incredible strain, leaving them shriveled and withered. Because of this, a bal’kar is very particular about when they use disintegration beam, reserving it for large threats such as starships, or extremely dangerous threats such as plasma based weaponry.

Recreational Use


The Desintigrator tentacles are also used to attract their male partners, displaying them in hypnotic ways to allow them to display all their embrace, visually ensnaring their needy love upon each other. Upon contact, the tips of the tentacle horns will dig under the opposing Bal'Kars skin and discharge their energy pulses the seething flesh of his partner through the desintigrators. Occasionally discharging notions of full control over their movements into a paralytic seizure of orgasmic sex, seducing them into doing exactly that but experiencing it physically. This of course means they mate and unify


This discharge allows the Bal'Kars Psyche to reach into fertilized eggs that are ready for hatching. By slowly discharging the energy into a Ball but not firing, sends All Bal'Kar squishlings contained within their eggs within the proximity a divine message of raw energized lust. Fueling and sparking soul's completion of its rebirth, ignighting its own new hungers and lust as it hatches from its nurtured slumber.

This Seether belonging inside the mouthcups of the Spreader Tentacles begins to spread the Bal'Kars flesh into a veiny creep thats spreads into different shaped living structures. The Nature behind the behavior of the growth of the Creep Network is from the desintigrator energy that it uses. This also explains why the Bal'Kars structures grow with the same concept in mind atop the chitinous spires


Over the years the Bal'Kar began carefully monitoring the way they control their desintigrators destructive energies. This energy has led them to using their energies, putting them to use in certain hive structures that are designed to benefit the hive. Bal'Kar learned to store their excess energy into chitinous stalagmite reservoirs made from their own flesh and blood. These Resiviors grow tree branch-like limbs atop its spires of black flesh into the sky, because of the Nature of the energy, they form into the shapes of lightning bolts. The Tips eventually grow flat ehe they reach a certain length eventually making upper levels of flooring for more Structural growths of flesh and tubing of Vein-like networks.

Networking structures

Everything in the Bal'Kars nature compels it to become one. this is no different within the fleshy alien structures & landsacpes that cover the planets new biomes. As levels upon levels of flesh are built ontop of eachother, inside the Tunnels that remain, The nature of the electrical stimulation the Desitigrator energy gives off. In time; turns these tunnels into very complex Nidus Veins that begin to flow with Bio Extract. This gives Bal'Kar the Ability to Swim under the living grounds of the hive. These Nidus Networks also link up the Structures to the Will of the Bal'Kar. Most of the main arteries lead towards the hatchery.

Gathering self Made energy

Resiviors are in abundance througout the hive, the Bal'Kar love to collect their own energies and store them. Sometimes soo much energy ends up being stored, the Resiviors grow bloated pustules that can get twice as big as an egg. They are filled with right Bio'puss which is known for compressing energy. These Resiviors can also be utilized to feed hungry Bal'Kar to fuel the flesh of the world. The ultimate goal is using the energy stored to Create the Globule


Eventually the Bal'Kar end up with so much energy the discovery of warp travel was possible by creating a structure that harness the energies that they had leftover. This Discovery was found 2221 years after the Bal'Kars domination of earth 456 years into Hatchery production began on Globule earth.