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The crop lies within the Bal'Kars chest and acts as a holding chamber for victims. When the Bal'Kar Swallows through the Mouth, it does not go to a Stomach, but instead a "Crop". The Stomach is located down the Path of the "Slurper" (Down the Inside of the Tongue) The Crop is comprised of 2 ventricles; an upper "Restraining" Ventricle and a lower Cocooning Ventricle. The Crop serves a few purposes, and each purpose rolls into the next. When a Bal'Kar swallows a victim whole, they are sent straight to the upper restraining ventricle of the crop where they are then strapped in to the Bal'Kars organ by the workings of the Seether Tentacles. Oxygen is supplied to the face as Seethers latch on creating a Type of Oxygen mask. The victim is then Milked and fucked into total submission from tentacles within the body. Seether Tentacles also hook up to the victims body, Generally Writhing under their Skin as new type of sustenance instantly starts being distributed into their body Which is the Bal'Kars Very own bodily fluids AKA the Bio Extract This whole process can take days, even weeks and is said to be unbearably pleasurable. The Bio Extract slowly converts the victims entire blood network into the Bal'Kars slime, Making their body Feel like a Bal'Kar without actually becoming one. It perfectly adheres to the victims genetic code to prevent rejection. Transformation is also prevented in this stage due to a special liquid known as "Lab'Rak". Once the Victim is hooked up to the inner workings of the Bal'kar, it is now Make or break for the victim inside.

Broken Prey (Food)

80% of the time, Conversion of the victim this way generally ends in failure as its an extremely volatile conversion. Inside, there is no way to communicate with the Bal'Kar, no brainwashing from the controllers can be made as the Lab'Rak completely Nullifies any Bal'Kar influence and so it is completely up to the victim inside whether they decide to go through with this type of Transformational experience or not. In most cases the victim is unwilling and the victim rejects the Bio-Extract injections from the seethers, at which point they simply remain struggling in the Restraining Crop until later used as food. The Bal'Kar will eventually regurgitate the victim and Generally play with their "Food" in their mouth. The playful behavior performed by the Bal'Kar gets the Bal'Kar in the right mood to eat their victim in possibly one of the most gruesome ways possible... Being Fed through the "Slurper"

Chosen Prey (Cocooning)

This is a Special event! For the 20% of those that remain, it is generally Victims that have adapted to the Change and pleasure on their own volition. Those that accept their fate are taken down into a completely different area within the crop. The Lower Cocooning Ventricle. In this Ventricle the Victim is placed within a "Cum Cocoon", A Type of comfortable jellybean like chrysalis for the person to reside in, where they are further incubated into a Bal'Kar without actually Transforming. This is due to the Cum Cocoon consisting of the Lab'Rak liquid. Over the course of another week, the victim undergoes a metamorphosis, The Victim Entirely Changes into a fully mature Bal'Kar gaining their entire mass during the delecate process: However, the Transformation itself does not occur until the host Bal'Kar feels the Victim is ready to be released. In a hefty regurgitation of the Entire Cum Cocoon, The Chrysalis breaks. The lab'rak instantly evaporates, leaving the victim bare to the which point their entire body explodes forth into a plethora of tentacles. A transformation that occurs this fast would generally Traumatize any other Victim. But due to their careful incubation within the Cum Cocoon, their mass has already Gathered, and tenderized the body with indescribable pleasure, in a form or preparation for the explosive transformation.