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The controller tentacles of the bal’kar consist of two one-eyed, flower-like tentacles growing out of the back of the bal’kar. Each controller emits a strong psionic presence that the bal’kar uses to communicate with the other bal’kar over the biological link, indoctrinate new creatures into the bal’kar and further enhance their lust and pleasure when breeding.


'You feel its presence all around you, the whispers get stronger,'
'-One mind!- -One Goal!-'
'Breeeeeeeeed....... become one...... yes....that's right....'
'this was meant to be!!!'

Appearing as a one-eyed, multi-tongued, flower-like tentacle; the controllers act as a pair, with the truthful visions of both male and female point of views. They stand on their separate stalks safely away from the body of rubbery flesh that they both fuel beneath them. Their energy comes from their ever sucking black holes which is their pupils. They both have enough power to draw creatures with visual prowess to its gaze instantly. Giving them a taste of Bal'Kar perfection through its own sight.

Normally the two would mostly likely act as sentries to protect the bal’kar, and so are considered the 2 guardians that watch over the Bal'Kars flesh and body. The controllers also serve as guardians to those being indoctrinated into the hive. The two controller tentacles grow out like a pair of snail eyes from out of the forward part of the bal’kar’s lower back, and typically hover around the bal’kar’s head in bloom like a flower, constantly on alert and drawing everything it sees into its vision.

The controller’s face consists of a single large central eye with a small blunt snout containing multiple extremely long tongue-like proboscisProboscis (pro·bos·cis) An elongated tubular appendage, typically used for feeding or sucking. that slip, slide and roll all about out of the mouth, all of which is surrounded by five fleshy petals. The central eyes on the controller stalks mirrors those eyes of the bal’kar's own face, with colors ranging from dark green on the outmost portion of the iris, which transitions to a prismatic green in the middle, and finally to yellow that slowly condenses into a burning white. The slitted pupil itself is so black, it almost does not exist. Darkness within the pupil is what people must avoid as they will see the absolute truth and become an exact image of the Bal'Kar in doing so. Just like the main eyes of the bal’kar, the eye of the controller glows a bright prismatic green light, glowing brighter based on how much psionic power the controller is drawing from its environment. (See Bal’kar Eyes). In addition to the regular eyelid, the controller’s eye has a nictitating membraneNictitating Membrane (nic·ti·tate·ing mem·brane) A thin membrane beneath the lower lid of the eye and capable of extending across the eyeball. as well. The inside of the petals are a key lime colour, while the outside are black like the rest of the bal’kar’s body. These fleshy petals are also capable of closing around the controller’s face to protect, conceal or otherwise obscure its vision from things it does not want to see.

When the bal’kar gets curious or weary, it often will send its controllers off in different directions to scout and scan the surrounding terrain. The controller has the longest length out of any of the bal’kar’s other tentacles, capable of stretching and extending a staggering 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) without separating from the main body. This allows a bal’kar to use its controllers to explore far away things or even inside structures to locate potential prey, without requiring the bal’kar to revert to its disguise form. However, the further away the controller is from the body, the less information it can process with its Vision.

It is extremely important to note that the controllers are NOT a separate entity or creature on the body of the bal’kar (unlike the feeder tentacles), but instead, are an extension of the bal’kar itself. The male and female controller tentacles are controlled directly from the bal’kar’s own mind and act as the 2 opposing forces of the universe; acting as the mother and father that watches over the pathways of the bal’kar’s own body and mind. This means that a bal’kar sees reality for what it is through the eyes on the head and can deduce reality perfectly, while the controllers peer beyond the veil to see the truth that is shrouded by reality.


A bal’kar’s controllers serve a number of purposes. From using its psionic field of vision to influence, control or corrupt other living creatures. Communicating through the bal’kars mental and biological links, that make up the will of their hive. Maintaining balance within body mind and soul with their opposite energy's they draw in from the cosmos. And defending its form from threats with their crystal cut vision.

Mind Control

Main article: Mind Control

The controllers exert a strong psychic field about themselves, with the field being strongest in a cone extending outwards from the central eye. This psionic field has an innate ability to influence and control the minds of other living organisms. Depending on the living creatures current state of mind, the eyes bombard the creatures vision using either light or darkness to balance them out into the form of a bal'Kar. Society considers this as a corruption that completely changes everything about the receiver! First starting from the victims thoughts to eventually altering their physical appearance to that of the Bal'Kars own image.

But from the bal'Kars own perspective, it is initially giving the victim creature a limited glimpse into the truth of the world. Showing them we are actually a hive passively working towards perfection through feeding emotion as total pleasure. The good feelings all the victims feel is more than enough to convince them to pursue more of these incredible feelings long before they transform totally into a bal’kar. Many on the surface of reality are told to avoid eye contact which utterly confuses the Bal'Kar. So the controllers developed their psionic pull to be at large with the world of reality so they can physically distort & pull anything into its gaze of truth. This pull is felt all around the general atmosphere of the eye and eventually, like a black hole, direct eye contact with the controller’s eye is inevitably made. The controller’s influence is at it's strongest when this eye contact it made, as it then allows the bal’kar’s own soul to look directly into the mind and soul of the victim, showing the Bal'Kar every conceivable action the victim has and will take in its life.

90% of the time the bal'Kar sees the victim taking the false path which leads to a quick death by reality, and so the bal'Kar uses the influence of light and dark to steer the victim onto the one balanced green path that benefits all life, leading them straight to the hive mind connecting all individuals. The other 10% of victims actually see the truth behind reality already but images are still unclear, so less energy is required from the controller to uncloud their visions the rest of the way to their hive-like ways. This means the only thing that changes in the victim once they see this "Truth" is their perception of life. The victims remain the same in mind and body and soul, but slowly change in reality to writhing masses of horrors that are seen as hell bent on taking over the world from the eyes of reality. To the blind and foolish remnants of society, the victim becomes a monster in their eyes, even though you as your individual self know you are and always will be beautiful.

When eye contact is inevitably made, the many tongues of the controller begin to writhe in a rhythmic and hypnotic way. This entrances the victim, causing their eyes to temporarily mirror the bal’kar’s eyes as their mind gets ensnared within the controller’s influence. The intensity of the psionic waves triggers a massive release of dopamineDopamine (do·pa·mean) A naturally occurring neurotransmitter in the brain that triggers a sense of pleasure. In high concentrations, Dopamine causes a rush of euphoria that is highly addictive. in the victim’s brain, flooding it with pleasure and euphoria. All of this causes the victim’s perception of time to warp and become irrelevant as everything around them seems to distort. Their mind gets pulled into the bal’kar’s mindset as they see the world as a bal’kar for a short time, experiencing the hive and the reality that is the bal’kar. The victim begins to question their life and the choices they had made, things no longer seem to repeat themselves, the Cycle is broken and the victim is left wondering what the meaning and purpose of life is. This brief taste of "perfection" is enough to shatter the mind of most victims. The controller then sends the newly indoctrinated victims mind back to their initial realistic state of awareness. This, coupled with the highly addictive nature of dopamine, alters the victim’s brain chemistry permanently, causing most to immediately and willingly surrender their old cycle of life to the hive, choosing to become consorts and whisperers of the hive. for a bal’kar or seeking out the life as a feeder tentacle attached to an existing bal'kar.

Even if a potential victim manages to avoid eye contact with the controller, moderate exposure to the psionic cone emitted by the controller’s eye can cause a subtle change in the victim’s brain chemistry. Not long after exposure victim’s often report hearing unavoidable whispers and a constant presence all around them. Gradually the victim begins to behave differently, contradicting their normal behavior until eventually they succumb to self-doubts and passively attempt to seek out the controller for more comfort. This desire only intensifies as time goes on leading the victim to eventually actively doing everything they can to seek out the controller and through it, the bal’kar way of life.


During lab trial 0051 performed by Doctor Volk Surkov, in which five subjects were exposed to a bal’kar’s controller for varying amounts of time and then locked into isolation; all five reported hearing whispers within just a few minutes of exposure. Over the next few days, subjects reported a constant sense of being watched, seeing visions of the controller or bal’kar out of the corner of their eyes, feelings of self-doubt and longing to be reunited with the controller and finally an intense desire to seek out bal’kar. Doctor Surkov’s report noted the following:

The subjects’ desire to seek out the bal’kar became borderline obsessive after just a few months. At first, each of them absentmindedly attempted to leave isolation with some claiming they had things to do and others repeatedly trying to open the door to their cells that they knew were locked. When asked what they were doing, each of the subjects had no idea, simply claiming they had a feeling they needed to leave.
As time went on, each of the subjects become more desperate. Some became violent, attempting to escape the containment unit by force, while others begged, pleaded or attempted to bargain in an attempt to reunite with the bal’kar. Eventually two of the subjects grew melancholy and refused to eat. Initially we attempted to force feed them but after each of them attacked an orderly who attempted to get near them, the decision was made to see where this would lead. The first subject passed away on October 7th and the second on October 9th. Autopsy confirmed what we expected, that total organ failure due to dehydration as the cause of death in each of the subjects.
Another subject was terminated when he overpowered his guards and was fatally shot and killed after killing three security personnel during an escape attempt. At my request, our onsite psychologist performed a diagnosis of the remaining two subjects, concluding that each was suffering from clinical psychosis as they claimed we were ‘interfering with nature’. On October 18th the decision was made to terminate the subjects as nothing further could be usefully garnered from them.


Main article: Psionic Web

An extremely important role of a bal’kar’s controllers is the formation and generation of the psionic web. Each controller creates a portion of psionic web that, when linked to the psionic web of other bal’kar, allows the formation of a bal’kar hive and provides the very fabric in which biological link relies upon. Controllers are then able to use the biological link to communicate with other bal’kar and access the physical properties of the link, such as allowing the bal’kar receive nourishment in the form of sexual energy and revive themselves should their bodies suffer catastrophic damage. In the event of sudden catastrophic destruction of a bal’kar’s body, his controller is able to react nearly instantly; triggering the rebirth mechanic a fraction of a microsecond before their destruction allowing the bal’kar’s soul and genetic information to carry on into a new egg to be revived.

Mental Blast

If a controller is severed from the body of a bal'kar, it immediately self-destructs and disintegrates into nothing. This self-destruct causes a release of psionic energy that can only be described a mental blast that ripples outward like a shockwave. Any sentient, non-bal’kar lifeform that the mental shockwave comes in contact with, within a 1 kilometer (0.6 mile) radius, experiences psionic damage ranging from complete obliteration of frontal lobe for those closest to the blast, to temporary mental incapacitation lasting for hours to days for those farther away. There are currently no known defenses against this mental blast. It is important to note that this mental blast does not trigger when the bal’kar dies, only when the controller is severed or otherwise destroyed from their body, and the bal’kar would normally survive the damage.

Due to the Bal'Kars biological memory of itself, the bal’kar is able to regenerate its cells, so a destroyed controller will regrow typically within 2 to 5 minutes. Therefor, it is highly not recommended that a creature or a manned machine fighting a bal’kar attempt to sever a bal’kar’s controller as the damage done by the mental blast typically outweighs the benefit of severing it and thus does more harm then good.
Two bal’kar attempting to maximize strength of their biological link, letting their lust and pleasure flow freely between each other.


While destroying a bal’kar’s controllers are a highly risky way to combat a bal’kar, it presents a potential weakness that can be exploited. If both controllers are severed at the exact same time, the bal’kar is, in essence, cut off from the hive and suffers from the effects of isolation. The bal’kar then will be in a weakened state as they no longer receive nourishment from the hive, have a severely reduced ability to regenerate, and will not be able to trigger their rebirth ability until at least one of the controllers has reformed.

Should a bal’kar die in this vulnerable state, their unique strain of lust would be forever extinguished. This death is no longer a revive, but a complete rebirth (Reincarnation) process where they cannot remember any personal experiences from their previous existence. A new unique strand of lust is created. and luckily, still remembers everything Bal'Kar because of the psionic web it initially helped create in its previous life. As such, if a bal’kar loses both of its controllers in combat, it will be exceptionally cautious and attempt to avoid further damage by hardening its form while it waits for them to regenerate.

Recreational Use

A bal’kar’s controllers are not only very good scouts, granting the bal’kar vision up to 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) away at 2 simultaneous points, but they also can be used during breeding or fusing to enhance the pleasure of each bal’kar whom is involved by strengthening their biological link. Because of the nature of the psionic web, the closer one gets to the eye of a controller, the stronger the psionic web opens up between them and thus the stronger the biological link becomes. The stronger the biological link becomes, means more lust and pleasure can flow between each of the bal’kar, allowing them to truly unite.

It is not uncommon when two or more bal’kar are breeding to see their controller staring deeply into each others iris, with tongues of each controller frolicking about each other as they become entwined and entangled. This allows each of the bal’kar to truthfully connect on deeper, more primal levels in both body and mind to each other, sharing every second of lust and pleasure together. In this state, time can seem frozen Sometimes the two controllers may even press their eyes into each other, attempting to maximize the strength of the single biological link between them, seeking to further their closeness to a 99.99% merge to its highest extreme without actually fusing 100%. Meaning they can both swim freely around a single body and still safely Disconnect after mating. Bal'Kar can choose to merge 100% but only 2 Bal'Kar with the same emotional streams. It is important to note that Bal'Kar do not actively seek out merging 100%. Only by chance does this happen and they merge into what is known as a "Broodlord".

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