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What it takes to be Bal'Kar

Bal'Kar are absolute, They Share the Same Genetics and so their Forms must stay in Sync with one another. When someone becomes Bal'Kar. Everything about them Completely Transforms into something completely new. This does not mean you have lost your mind. In fact, we should stress that you are still very much you with your own mind, thoughts and memories still in tact. However, everything about who you are is amplified into a higher state of consciousness. You no longer think the same way you once did as a human. Emotions are what you communicate through and your body feels those emotions through the use of the hives Lust. Your perception on life, the way you think, feel, eat and sleep has all undergone drastic changes. Even the way you speak, is now completely different.


This is a Transformation that is meant to make you feel completely changed as a person. A Character/Persona is something almost everyone holds incredibly close to them.

Changing that Character can be a tough ordeal, and there are indeed some changes you will need to deeply consider before creating your own Bal'Kar. There are of course alternatives which will be explained too.

Once infected, you still have the ability to revert back to your previous form, however, this form is no longer your main form. It is a "Guise" your Bal'Kar form can slip into now. It is a form you remember that will help you blend into society as the person you once were -however- your eyes have changed permanently to a green and yellow eye with White around the pupil. The pupil is Vertically slit.

The time you spend in your sona's original form is now limited. Taint and sexual corruption coarses through your tentacles. And so atleast once a day, Bal'Kar must "Relapse" once a day to sustain their form. This is also limited. "A Ball can only bounce so many times". Bal'Kar must be careful to not overdo their time spent in their Guise. Spending too much time in that form will Cause severe malnutrition leading to death.

Your Weight is significantly impacted. Bal'Kar are heavy because they are quite large. Mass is not lost when bal'Kar Slip into their guise. The Seethers Condense into the Shape of your old self yet you remain as heavy as an entire Bal'Kar. (just make sure you dont stand in any lifts)

Alternate Options

If you really want to experience the Connection to the Bal'Kar. It is advised you use your own Character that you hold closest to you. It is the best way to truly feel corruption change you! however, if you are not ready to take that plunge. Alternate Characters can be made! Just note that alternate Characters will not be accepted as part of Lore.

Why is this the case?

The Bal'Kar species was made to completely immerse an individual into the perception of an alien monster. This was meant for the true experience for the individual. We Believe the true depth of corruption and lust cannot be felt unless you completely submit YOURSELF to the hive like you would actually have to do... not an alternate you.

We do realize that people will still not be happy because they will feel robbed of themselves, but that is meant to somewhat be the point.

What you Can Change

. Customization can Vary. Some Simple ones would be simply adding or Subtracting Tentacles. Moving them to slightly different places (without effecting anatomy)

. Looks are important, if you would like to stay true to your character, Specific markings (as long as you use acceptable Bal'Kar colors) can be added.

. Feature Builds are a fundamental component of identifying unique Bal'Kar. Facial features must remain thick and Phallic! however, distorting the face to look more Draconic! or More Canine! Even more absurd animals like the Cracken or even Turian! let your mind go wild! you could even make your head have Chitin that looks like Bowsers shell! Whatever!

. Cosmetic Accessories: This includes adding things like Webbing, Chitin, Keratin, Horns, holes, jaws, fur manes or beards. Anything in the biological animal Kingdom can be added! even things that don't even exist! if you can think something up for a good look! you can add it! So long as there is no abilities gained from adding these accessories. It is purely Cosmetic.

. Current Bal'Kar abilities can be Subtracted if its part of Character lore.

What you Can't Change

. The overall shape and texture of the Bal'Kar anatomy itself. Black Rubbery Skin Must be kept with an overall thick head representing a phallic design

. Bal'Kar must Keep exactly 1 Abdomen, 1 Spore Spire, 1 chest. Exactly 2 Controllers 2 Bashers, Exactly 4 spreaders, Exactly 8 Grabbers. At least 0 Feeders, 0 eyes, At least 1 grappler, breeder, 1 head. At least 6 Thrusters. At Most 6 Desintigrators.

. Colors cannot be changed. Skin must remain black. the internals of the Bal'Kar, their eyes, glowingness, Slime or any Accessories added to the design must be of a green shade. Spikes or horns bust be white.

. Abilities! This is a big one! No abilities can be added! The Bal'Kar already has billions of combinations in which its abilities can already be used! Make sure you get to know your Bal'Kar self so you can really let loose! Current abilities can be Subtracted if its part of Character lore.

. Items...Sorry but its Taboo for Bal'Kar to use tools or weapons (Items can still be used out of form).

. Piercings (unless they have been created using your own Bone. Eg. Septim ring might be a type of Bal'Kar Tusk).

. No clothing or any type of gear (with the exception of being out of Bal'Kar form.)

. Cybernetics or Machinery. The Bal'Kar is an all out Biological Masterpiece. Any computerized or non-organic implants will be spat out of the body. (That includes Tooth Fillings)


Acceptable Color Shades:

Harlequin green, Lime green, Kelly Green, Ebony Black, Midnight Black, Charcoal Black, Ivory Cream, White and (Very minimal Yellows)