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The Bal'Kar Broodlord takes form when 2 Destined Bal'Kar come together and merge bodies

Broodlord can only be maintained for a couple of days as it exerts too much pressure

Changes in appearance

.Broodlord is Double the Size of a fully grown Bal’Kar,mostly because of overgrown abdomen

.Teeth double in length and in numbers. This is achieved because the snout is much longer and broader. Face has 6 eyes, 3 on each side of face

.Pustules are no longer limited to Jaw, but instead run off the jaw and down each side of the neck, right to the Shoulders of the Bashers….Pustules are unstable and are constantly bubbling and popping the skin with Potent green pus.

.Desintigrators now have a webbing membrane in between each head tentacle. These Tentacles are more static now and remain in a flared posture stretching the webbing out to make it look similar to a Triceratops skull. With their more static position, they cannot be used as a weapon for the disintegration ray. Instead, all that extra energy is rerouted to the abdomen

.The Spikes on the Back of our Neck elongated into a Massive Bonescythe Mowhawk that protruded through the middle of our desintigrator webbing

.Abdomen extremely fertile, bloats to Queen Size Abdomen, outer grappler Claws disappear, the smaller inner claws Fan out with a webbing, acting and looking like a long ovipositor, or a big umbrella if claws fan out the webbing. Pustules grow all over the top, integrating into the Chitin on the abdomen. And a New type of Tentacle Lines the Sides of this abdomen Called “Breathers”.

.Breathers: Smaller towards the base and tip of the abdomen…but much larger in the middle of the abdomen lining. At their Larger size, they are no bigger than the average grabber tentacles however the Tips of these Tentacles have open holes on the ends that inhale and exhale air….allowing the abdomen to breathe like a lung supplying gasses like oxygen, nitrogen, helium and argon, Speeding up the Incubation Process by 1000 times. (These Breathers remain inactive in vaccume) The Breathers act as vents for explultion of exccsess Bio extract or windpipes and slime Exhaust. As the abdomen produces way too much Bio extract for the conventional seeping of the skin methods

.Thrusters twice as long and thick to help support and carry giant abdomen. Webbing on thrusters migrated right to the Tips. Suction cups no longer on tips of Thrusters, but instead Run Entire Length of Thrusters like an octopus. Thruster ends are now spikes that dig into the dirt and act more like spider legs than tentacles that the Bal'Kar Mainly Stand on

.Conjoined Breeder cocks. Breeder is 2 merged penis shafts in one skin but one shared urethra Joined together, egg laying is ovulated in pairs or egg-twins to slip into your urethra, 2 penile muscle shafts from the 2 coupled bal’Kar remain individual, however they are Sharing the same urethra. Breeders work in unison and contract together as if it was part of one Ascended breeder.

.Conjoined Slurpers. 2 Slurpers…one from each of the coupled Bal’Kar in a membrane of skin combining them into one. Kinda like our Slurpers have a Webbing of Skin that runs the length in between each tongue.

. Spreaders Merge and Thicken so 4 still remain. Mouth cups are now adorned with teeth and fangs and are thicker and robust….more integrated into the Tentacle

.Feeders Gain a launching Proboscis Tongue That can extend 50 meters in Quick “Snatches”

. 2 Controllers still remain, however they Have 2 bulging eyes instead of one head is wider like a catfish and has Pustules all over its head. Controller also has fangs. Tips of petals have regenerative harpoon barbs.