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While it is indeed a breeding cock, It Actually isn't, as this appendage is used for ovulation, as well as one of many different ways of breeding the Bal'Kar Engage in. The Cock is hermaphrodite in its functions as it has both male and female properties merged into one.


The Breeder is one of strongest limbs on the body. If it was to ever be severed or destroyed, it almost regenerates instantly by regrowing out of the sheath in the center of all the rear Thrusters

Located underneath the Bal'Kar in between the webbed "Thruster Tentacles" at the rear. This is the Cock that sports a huge knot at the base, both the knot and tip are covered in tiny sensitive squishy nubs full of potent "Bio-puss". It can grow to a length of 50 meters. Inside the urethra lies another tentiular organ Known as the "Spiral Sack". This appendage slides out of the urethra and flaring outwards and around into a spiral of Flared Muscle. This flare spins around a partners own, performing the same thing before it coils around its partners, filling it with potent green extract. Once Formed, they can Detach and be used as portable Chrysalis. The Breeder is used mostly throughout the day, so you will rarely see it fully tucked away into its sheath


This one unique appendage is the driving force of the Bal'Kar. All hormonal decisions are made here. Filled with Quadrillions of hormones, it drills a constant reminder into the Bal'Kars mind, "lust, sex, feed and spread". All Bal'Kar have one of these breeders and so all are considered male. However the Breeder is nor Male of Female. it is a combination of the 2. This merger of the 2 genders means the Bal'Kar cannot reproduce. A scientific flaw that genetically altered this generation of Bal'Kar permanently. Dr. Surkov and his team are thankful for their mistake. Because if Bal'Kar were able to reproduce, Assimilation of the Planet would have only taken a short few weeks. Everything still functions as if the Bal'Kar are able to reproduce. Inert eggs are always being produced through the various ways the Bal'Kar perform their mating acts. The breeder works together with the feeders and abdomen, The feeders swallow prey whole and they are then broken down & processed for energy in a chamber within the thorax of the thrusters. The Contents are then pushed into the abdomen at the rear of the Bal'Kar where they are churned to perfection. What remains of the digested victim is its soul and and white cells contained within their original body. Both then merge into an inert Bal'Kar egg where the new cells inside the egg begin to reform with the soul intact, growing the Bal'Kar fetus inside into large fertile eggs over 12 months, then to be laid by the breeder. So if the Bal'Kar constantly feed, they Keep up their fertility. The breeder can lay as many as a dozen fully matured eggs per day once in full production. However, during mating, breeders are known to pump thousands of eggs into other Bal'Kar and other Victims, but they are all Inert/incomplete. The Bal'Kar also has its breeder in an almost constant state of ejaculation as it is the main way the Bal'kar rids itself of its old body fluids to become part of the ecosystem. It constantly leaks and cums gallons and gallons of bio extract per day another use is that it lubricates the floors in front of it, allowing it to travel across land with ease.

Eggs travel up the Length of the Breeder Cock. The bulging sensations entice the cock to contract over the egg, helping the massive load up the shaft where it gently plops out of the head and into the safety of the pools below

Recreational Use

Seethers from inside the breeder begin to coil around each other for mating ritual that creates the Spiral Sac

The Bal'Kar like to play around with their breeders. it is an extremely perverted limb, always searching for sexual activity. Part of the behavior of Bal'Kar is their view of the undeniable truth in their minds. Their Lust and Need to breed for a higher conscience. During mating rituals, the Bal'Kar will fuse their cocks to others, creating a seal for passings of young. Rhythims of pumping begin as they share in their need to share. Swapping its offspring around with other Bal'Kar. They absolutely love to share their pregnancy and raise each others young. The Breeder is also used to sometimes maintain balance, Squirting of Bio extract in front of its form as to give the Bal'Kar ease of passage.