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The bashers consist of two large muscle-like tentacles, each ending in a single mighty retractable claw and numerous razor sharp barbs. Capable of achieving both great speed and force, they serve as a bal'kar's primary method of defense.


An up close view of a bal'kar's basher tentacle demonstrating the primary claw and the rows of razor barbed spikes.

Located on the upper front section of the bal'kar at the same height as, but just back from, the grabbers tentacles; these two large and incredibly strong muscle-like tentacles are the bal’kar’s primary method of defense and act as the arms of the bal'kar. Tipped with an incredibly lethal spike and lined with razor sharp barbs, the scythe-like bashers are incredibly powerful and lightning quick. Anyone or anything struck by a basher will sustain critical damage; with most living creatures dying instantly from the sheer force of the impact.

The early stages of a bal'kar transformation as the fingers merge together and from one massive claw.
The basher arm is comprised of three parts: the medial basher muscle, the lateral basher muscle and the distal claw joint. Extending outward from the bal’kar’s shoulder are two individual tentacles, the medial muscle and the lateral muscle. These two tentacles are covered in the same piece of dermal latex membrane, giving them the illusion of being a single tentacle. As each of these two tentacles travels outward from the bal’kar, they join at the distal claw joint to form the single arm of the basher, the lateral muscle controls the lengths and angles at which the claw extends out of the skin. Seethers work at the base of the claw to grow into more or less ultra condensed calcium carbonate. Because the basher is actually two tentacles acting in unison, this gives them their incredible strength and speed. The claw joint has the capability of twisting the tip of the claw an addition 90 degrees. This whip-like motion dramatically increases the velocity of the claw and makes the basher capable of delivering crushing blows with a highly destructive force.


A bal'kar utilizing one of the few recreational applications of the basher, suspending himself over his spawning pool, claws fully extended.

Mainly used to pierce, crush or bludgeon anything that could bring harm to the bal’kar or his eggs.Working in unison, the two tentacles of a basher act as one to give the claw its incredible strength and speed. Capable of piercing concrete and continuing to grow and elongate further in even after impact, the basher can strike at nearly half the speed of sound (165 m/s) with a force over 80,000 psi at the tip, even when fully extended. Seethers enable the bal'kar to retract his claws individually all the way back into the mass of the bal'kar for easy maneuvering or going into confined spaces. Extending the claws into extremely long scythes reaching up to 2 meters! It gains thickness, the longer it protrudes. This allows the Bal'Kar to quickly climb even the most impossible of terrain.

Because of the bashers density, The growth and regression of the basher claw can take take some time to enact if the Bal'Kar is low on energy. On a full tank, the claws can launch itself out of its socket in a staggering 0.7 Seconds! At rest, the bal'kar keeps its claws generally half way out, which grants the him the quickest access to its desired length it needs first.

The bal’kar relies on their bashers as their first line of defense, using the density of the claw to deflect harmful projectiles. The claws can be used to avoid plasma by using them as dowsing rods and absorbing a limited amount before becoming superheated, causing searing lustful waves of pain .

The Basher regressed to its smallest length.

Recreational Use

While the bashers mostly serve as defensive weapons, they can be used throughout the bal’kar’s daily life. Bal’kar are excellent climbers, using their bashers to pierce rock they then use the smaller barbs like cleats, digging into the rock. Because of this, it means they are excellent diggers, building networks of underground tunnels that connect to the hive and further support their fleshy infrastructure. The strong twin muscles of the basher allow the bal’kar to lift its entire body off the ground and suspend it in midair. During nesting or mating, a bal’kar will often lift their entire body above their partner and just suspend themselves there during the mating session.

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