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Major Anatomy

Please select a type of tentacle you wish to learn about. You may select a box or simply click on the appendage or body part you wish to learn more about from the image below. Please note that the Seether are not marked on the image.

GrapplerControllersBasherDisintegratorBreederFeederSporeGrabberSpreadersThrustersSlurperDisintegrator Horn TentaclesDisintegrator Whisker TentaclesDisintegrator Whisker TentaclesSlurper TentacleSlurper TentacleGrabber TentaclesGrabber TentaclesController TentaclesController TentaclesSpore Tentacle SpireSpore Tentacle SpireBasher TenaclesPustule NubsPustule NubsBreeder TentacleSpreaders TentaclesThurster TentaclesFeeder TentaclesFeeder TentaclesAbdomenGrappler TentaclesGrappler TentaclesGrabber GrabberHeadBalkar-Overview.png
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Pustule Nubs

Main article: Pustules

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Bal'kar has the following types of tentacles.

Basher Tentacles Breeder Tentacle Controller Tentacles
Disintegrator Tentacles Feeder Tentacles Grabber Tentacles
Grappler Tentacles Seethers Tentacles Slurper Tentacle
Spore Tentacle Spire Spreader Tentacles Thruster Tentacles
Weaver Tentacles

Internal Organs




Excretions, Secretions and Aerosols

Bal'kar have a variety of fluids and solids they can excrete, secrete or launch into the air in the form of an aerosol.

Bio Extract

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Bio Puss

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Bal'kar Spores

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