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The Bal’Kar is actually an earthling. It is a beast that was made right here on Earth. Created in a top secret science facility, this creature was actually a huge biological scientific disaster. It was a result of biological experiments on sentient beings (another reason these experiments are illegal in today’s day and age). The creature in particular that is now this monster is an Anthropomorphic Border Collie named Neox. Caught & Held as a Slave/Prisoner against his will, Neox was heavily drugged and forced into illegal experiments. The outbreak and birth of the Bal’Kar was a Culmination of several experiments that did not react well together, something scientists failed to oversee during transitions between experiments. Those experiments were as followed:

.The Fusion of Neox’s body to a Rubber Symbiotic Entity. The Entity took on the form of a huge wolf-like creature. The goal of this experiment was to study the effect of sentient manipulation of foreign objects. Many Experimental injections were also put into Neox to make his body accept the foreign entity. Neox was able to stretch his body and take on a more rubbery appearance.

.Telepathy: Injections into the neural and cerebral cortex of Neox’s brain. These dangerous doses caused Neox major mental changes to his mind, initially damaging his perception on life itself, but thereafter improving his perception as experiments continued. Soon Neox was forced to utilize his telepathy on other prisoners. The goal of this Experiment was to see if it were possible to enter the minds of others during interrogations to gain more information. Experiments ceased when Neox began Mind Controlling the Prisoners.

.Performance Enhancing drugs: On week to week basis’s, Neox was made prone to dozens of different performance experiments. Scientists would Test these by forcing Neox to push his body to the limit Via Strength tests and Endurance tests. The goal of this experiment was to create a safe and discreet performance drug for athletes. Tests ceased when Neox had visual and Physical side effects like growth spurts.

.Limb Regeneration: A scientific breakthrough was made on a way to regenerate limbs. Neox was subject to torture as limbs were severed and regrown. Placed within a Stasis Chamber and filled with an unnatural liquid. Limbs and body parts were regrown perfectly. The goal of this experiment would have been a success if it were not for the unknown side effects Neox was experiencing like his body continuously secreting a biological liquid and uncontrollable formation and deformation of extra limbs.

.Teleportation: In an attempt to make the impossible possible, and a hatched plan to remove the evidence of a brutalized experiment victim. Neox was exposed to a huge amount of particle energy, vaporizing his body in the process leaving only his tortured spirit and soul intact. Only to then reform his physical body in a separate area. The goal of this experiment was Teleportation itself. When Neox reformed, it was considered more than just a success as they managed to return Neox’s Physique to its original state. However...It was the Beginning of something horrific for the facility and its inhabitants.

After the teleportation experiment. Neox had regained his not only his confidence and composure, but also remembered every ounce of detail from his experiments. Now with mental capacity of a supermind, Neox had fully understood what had now become of him, and unbeknownst to the Scientist, The collie’s body exploded in a massive unstoppable mutation. A creature was being unveiled, The Bal’Kar! Due to the series of conducted experiments and trials on one being was now seeing the Consequences! Black tentacles, beastly roars and screeches, a thick green haze filled the entire facility causing the scientists to give in to unbearable lust and urges which eventuated in them joining with the beast! Becoming no more! Soon after, the entire building was destroyed and the beast as well as the evidence of what happened there disappeared. It was considered one of the biggest scientific disasters and mysteries the world “never” saw. With only a few survivors that went into solitude and confinement. As their knowledge on what they had unleashed was utterly Supernatural...And Neox went back into the fold of normal living...holding one of the deepest and darkest secrets anyone could keep. Neox was now a monster within the physical shell of a Border Collie. Years would pass and everything became folklore and fairytales. After that, Parents would tell a similar horror stories to their children. “Beware the monster that lurks beneath” “The slimy Bal’Kar!”. But this creature was real and hatching a plan, perfecting its already perfect makeup.


Bal'Kar Origins is set in an alternate reality where Bal'Kar, individuals who can only survive by consuming each other in a Frenzy of lust, live among the normal humans in secret, hiding their true nature to evade pursuit from the authorities until their own plans spring into action. Including enhanced speed, senses, and regenerative ability, a regular Bal'kar is several times stronger than a normal human and have at least one special way to survive, which they can manifest and begin relapsing. A relapse can manifest into multiple forms depending on what mood the Bal'Kar is in. A Bal'Kar's skin can't be pierced by sharp items such as knives or bullets, instead they simply travel through the flesh. Another distinctive trait of a Bal'Kar is that the color of both eyes are Prismatic Green. A good way to tell they are a Bal'kar! however if the green in the iris leaks into the sclera, the victim undergoes the transformation into the monster they truly are, In an attempt to fight off the Military and a government funded science sector an organization known as the (blank) was created.